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Thank you for your interest in #TakingTheLeap into Wellness with our affiliate program!

Our affiliate program is for change makers, who just can’t stop themselves from continually becoming healthier and happier versions of themselves. For those who are eager to share the wealth of health with others!

Leap was created for all of us and these days, we are all in need of some extra superfood packed nutrition! That’s where each delicious and nutritious raw, organic, and non-GMO smoothie pouch comes into play. Tear one open at work, at home, or literally anywhere on-the-go, and you have yourself an entire day’s worth of both fruits and veggies. It’s that easy.

Leap’s affiliate program works by us showing our appreciation for you when you share your health-fueled passion with others. When you join Team Leap you will receive snazzy graphics that can be used as banners on your website, blog, or virtually any other social network of your choice. When a friend or follower clicks one of your links, they are brought to our site via your affiliate code, so you will receive the delicious fruits of your labors. Yep, you’ll receive discounts galore and free product, just for passing the word along.

If you’re interested in joining, go ahead and let us know by signing up for it using the ShareASale link below. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to a fruitful wellness adventure with you!

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  • Earn 15% commission                Discounts for your customers
  • Average Order > $49.99            Dedicated Affiliate Support Team

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