When can I consume LEAP?

Whenever you want. Some of you consume it for their breakfast, lunch and dinner but some of you consume LEAP after a nice workout or as a snack. Your body is always happy to get some fruits and veggies anyway, so feel free to enjoy your smoothie anytime of the day!


How many LEAP smoothies can I consume in one day?

Ask our CEO and he’ll tell you he drinks 3 to 6 LEAP smoothies a day (Yeah…he doubles his rations in the morning, we saw him doing it once!). The short answer is that you can have as many LEAP smoothies as you want.


Who created those delicious recipes?

LEAP smoothies are made thanks to the help of professional nutritionists who make sure you’ll get the right amount of protein, fibers, sugar and fats. We are VERY SERIOUS about nutrition and we want only the most nutritionally balanced products for you. It took us 14 months to have the perfect smoothies and that achievement would not have been possible without the help of professionals.


How does LEAP smoothies compare to HPP Juices?

We are “raw”, a claim Cold Press Juices can’t make because it seems they are not that raw after all. Also, we have PROTEIN, FIBERS and HEALTHY FATS…which help regulate sugar. Oh, and we use WHOLE FOOD ingredients only. What does it mean? It means we just don’t take the juice of the fruit ( that contains all the sugar), we keep everything ( fibers, protein, fats, etc…). Yeah…a whole big difference…courtesy of our amazing nutritionists.


Crazy high level of vitamins! Is that good for me?

1170% of Vitamin C can seem crazy high..but don’t worry, your body only takes what it needs and get rid of the rest naturally. If you eat raw-organic foods, you’ll always get super high amounts of nutrients, that’s the power of Mother Nature. Embrace it, your body and soul will thank you for it!


Can LEAP Smoothies be used as meal replacement?

With over 200 calories of whole food ingredients, you can easily stick to one smoothie for your breakfast and call it a day. One of our co-founder blends his smoothie with a banana and coconut milk ( sometime he adds a dry date or two…for more sweetness!) and he gets fully satisfied with it. Everybody is different, so feel free to adapt your hunger to your smoothie by adding up more caloric food to your smoothie. Wants some ideas on how to consume your LEAP smoothies? Check this out!


Is LEAP Gluten Free?

None of the ingredients we use contain gluten, so we consider ourselves gluten free. However, we do not have the GF certification because traces of gluten can potentially be found in our production facility.


High level of protein…do you use soy?

No we don’t. We use Pea, Pumpkin and Hemp as our primary sources of protein. Everything is Organic, and always will be! Hemp brings a lot of Omega-3 too!


Are you a complete protein?

YES. Combining 3 types of protein (Peas, Hemps and Pumpkin) guarantees us to be a complete protein ( Hemp is already a complete protein too).


Omega 3?

A ton of it! You’ll find them in Pumpkin and Hemp which you’ll find in all our smoothies.


Why did you partner with 1% for the Planet?

As part of our efforts to help people achieve optimal nutrition, we feel like protecting the planet and its resources is essential.  More info here: http://onepercentfortheplanet.org/

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