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Happy People

Healthy Body, Healthy Work Environment!

Want a healthier more energetic team? Leap’s organic fruit & vegetable smoothies and smoothie bowls are the answer! Leap works hands-on with a skilled team of nutritionists to bring the best of mother nature into your workspace! We use only organic, whole, raw, and REAL ingredients to help feed the creative fires in your office!

Give the Gift of Better Nutrition!

Under a stressful deadline? Working through lunch? Need an afternoon pick-me-up before a big meeting? Leap’s instant smoothie powder delivers with EIGHT servings of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Leap gives you and your team the wholesome, no-hassle, energy they need to focus on the day’s biggest priorities.

Healthy People Make Happy Employees

When people are energized with organic natural foods, amazing things happen! Let Leap help you with your next brainstorm, office meeting, or late work night. Each smoothie can be made is less than 30 seconds and guarantees to help you refocus and get back to business!

Contact us for corporate or special orders at contact@leapsmoothies.com

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