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Instant Smoothie Bowls

Enjoy picture perfect breakfast smoothie bowls in less than a minute! Whether you mix or blend your Leap Instant Smoothie Bowl, you’re guaranteed to have a superfood packed smoothie bowl base. Just top off with your favorite toppings, take a big spoonful, and enjoy the fruits & veggies!

Original Leap Smoothies

A full day’s servings of fruits & veggies in one super easy to mix breakfast smoothie. Simply take our original smoothie formula, shake it with your favorite nut milk, and enjoy! These smoothies are the easiest, no-mess way to get more healthy fruits & vegetables into your diet. Perfect to enjoy at home, the office, or when traveling.

Smoothie Packages

Smoothie Accessories

No smoothie lover is complete without the proper accessories! Whether you’re on the go, busy at the office, or relaxing at home, these accessories will help you stay happy and healthy.

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